Welcome. If You're Health Is Declining...You're In The Right Place!
Hello, I'm Dr. Sean Stringer...
I educate, inspire, and empower people like you to add more years to your life and MORE LIFE to your years!

My areas of focus are in functional and energy medicine. I hold doctorates in chiropractic medicine, indigenous medicine, and monastic medicine. I am a practitioner of strategic intervention and Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM). I hold a masters in naturopathic oncology. And I am also a fun loving father and husband.

With over seventeen years of practice, I have coached and helped others find solutions in areas of their life they wanted to excel especially health and wellness.

As your wellness coach, I will help you discover how you can harness the power of your body and mind for optimal living.

Click the button below to sign-up for a No Fee No Obligation Clarity Session so you and I can identify the areas in your health and well-being you want to improve and excel in.
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